Monday, November 7, 2011

RET Influence

It has been over two months since I finished up with my RET program.  I have stayed in touch with many of the people in the Reinhard Lab.  I try to visit them whenever I'm in Boston.  I hosted a cookout at my house for the members of the Reinhard Lab in August so I would get to meet them outside the lab environment. I found one of the most memorable aspects of my RET experience is meeting all the members of the Reinhard Lab.  My RET experience has provided me with a great learning experience as to the cultures of these different people.

The first quarter of my school year is just about over.  During the first quarter I have told my students about my summer experience.  I have placed my completed poster outside my classroom along with other pictures of what I did over the summer.  I have demonstrated to my students how to get dressed to work in BU's clean room.  In fact, I actually wore the clean room suit as my Halloween costume in school.  Another connection I have made between the RET and my curriculum is as my students were building with their Lego kits, I would tell them about the robot that I built and programmed over the summer.  I'm hoping that during the next week to use some of the materials that I purchased for my classroom through the RET program.  Last week I had three members from the Museum of Science visit my classroom.  We talked about my classroom being a beta site for their new middle school engineering curriculum. All in all, I believe that my RET experience has made a great influence on my teaching approach.