Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Getting ready for our first test.

Over the last few days Marvin and I have been working to pull everything together so we can run the first round of our sensor testing on Wednesday.  It is amazing the number of people we need to coordinate with in order to move forward with our experiment.  When we left on Tuesday evening, we had actually started the experiment.

Speaking with other teacher teams, we appear to be ahead of the rest.  Many of the teams have run into different issues that have delayed them from performing their proposed experiments.  If things go well on Wednesday, we might be able to do a second round of testing next week.

It is amazing how fast the program is going!  Last week was the half way point.  On Monday Mike spoke to us about the presentation and poster that are due during the final week.  This means we really need to complete any testing before the end of next week so the data can be incorporated into these items.

After Mike's presentation, Jared and I sat with him to discuss how we can incorporate the topic of fiber optic communications into our lesson plans.  Jared and I are both middle school teachers and would like to incorporate this type of technology into our communications strand.

Our lesson plan deliverable is due at the end of this week.  I have written mine around the different components in a communications system, the parts of a typical universal system model, and the differences between copper-based vs. fiber optic-based system.

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