Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Starting to Build the Robot

Today I was able to start working on the Lego NXT robot that my team is responsible for designing and programming.  After checking that I had all the parts, Marvin and I worked to build our first robot car.  After completing the building phase, we started to program our car to move.  We were able to get it to move across the floor and then back up.  Some more modifications will have to be done.  We also found a website that demonstrated a way to build a remote controlled car with most of the same parts.  Marvin and I agreed that this type of car is what we really need to have for our project.  We also spent time reviewing all the other pieces that had been provided.

Our goal for the next couple of days is to build the remote controlled car and see if we can bring it to a group meeting on Friday afternoon.

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